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2021 Summer Institute

Scroll to bottom for a list of speakers and photos.

       The 2021 AIDL Diplomacy and Leadership Institute is dedicated to                               Dr. Houda Abadi
                  the Founder and Executive Director of Transformative Peace 

                    whose tireless work for peace has been and continues to be an inspiration.

                                        This workshop is also dedicated to the
                       Young People of the World
                                        whose goodness and optimism give us hope.

                                            With special thanks to

                                   Dr. Charity Butcher 

                           Professor of Political Science at Kennesaw State University

                         for her tireless help with the US National Security Council Simulation.

           Many thanks to our distinquished speakers:
                                                                   Leadership and Citizenship

          Civil Discourse:  Rules for Engagement

          Ms. Natasha Derricks / AP Teacher at Dekalb School of the Arts


          MLK, Jr.’s Philosophy of Non-violence

          Ranger John Jenkins / MLK, Jr. National Historic Site

          Servant Leadership

          Dr.  Edward Queen / Director, Ethics and Servant Leadership, Emory University Center for Ethics


          Introduction to Ethics

          Dr. Jonathan Crane / Associate Professor of Medicine & Religion, Emory University Center for Ethics


           Importance of a Free Media

           Dr. Charles Davis / Dean of UGA College of Journalism and Mass Communication


           Navigating the Modern Media

           Ms. Stephanie Stapleton / PhD Candidate, Kennesaw State University


                                                               Diplomacy & Peacebuilding


            Atlanta's & Georgia’s International Diplomacy  (Panel Discussion)

            Ms. Vanessa Ibarra / Director of the Mayor’s Office of International Affairs & Trade

            Ms. Coryn Marsik / International Relations Manager,  Georgia Dept. of Economic Development


            Diplomatic Protocol

            Ms. Paulina Guzman / Deputy Director of Diplomacy and External Affairs,  Mayor’s Office of

                    International Affairs & Trade


            US Foreign Service

            Mr. Andrew Paul /  Foreign Service Officer,  US Department of State, US Mission to Tunisia


            International Diplomacy

            Ms. Astra Armbrister-Rolle / Consul General of the Bahamas


            Kids4Peace/Seeds of Peace

            Ms. Hannah Hochkeppel / Co-Director of American Programs of Seeds of Peace

                      Introduction to International Relations

                       Ms. Coryn Marsik /  International Relations Manager,  Georgia Dept. of Economic Development

                                                                       World Issues


            US National Security Council & South Sudan Humanitarian Crisis

            Dr. Charity Butcher /  Professor, Political Science and International Affairs,  

                Kennesaw State University

           South Sudan

           Mr. Ngor Kur Mayol  /  Former Lost Boy of the Sudan

           UN Mission in South Sudan

           Ms. Maureen Nealon /  Assoc. Humanitarian Affairs Officer, UNMISS, Juba, South Sudan


           Migration: Causes & Solutions:  (Panel Discussion)

           Ambassador Jim Nealon /  Former US Ambassador to Honduras

           Mr. James Watson /   Retired USAID Mission Director in Honduras  


           Youth Against Violence 

            Ms. Linda Amezquita-Mendoza / Co-founder and Director of Youth Against Violence in Guatemala 

            Peacebuilding in Jerusalem

            Ms. Jessica Martin / Kids4Peace Alum in Jerusalem

                                                               Youth Activism

           Making a Difference

           Ms. Dania Ibrahim / PhD Candidate at UC San Diego and Founder of Georgia Tech's Picnic for Peace

           Ms. Edie Temesgen / Senior at Tucker High School and Co-founder of the STAR Club

                                                                          Special Guest


           Program Debriefing

           Mr. Trevor Williams / Managing Editor for Global Atlanta

                                                                   Featured Keynote Speaker


           Peace Through Unity

           Dr. Houda Abadi – Founder and Executive Director of Transformative Peace;  2018 AIDL 

                  Peacebuilder Award Recipient

                                               Photos coming soon!


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