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Updated on April 27, 2023

  The 2023 AIDL Summer Diplomacy & Leadership Institute

This free workshop for high school students graduating in 2024 and 2025 will be interactive and allow time for questions and discussion after each presenter.  


In order for students from areas outside of metro Atlanta to hear some of these excellent speakers and to work on projects with students from different schools, the first week of the workshop to be virtual using Zoom.  Students outside metro Atlanta who are chosen to participate in the virtual workshop will be allowed to join in those presentations and discussions even though they will not officially be part of the 8th Cohort.  The second week of the Institute, which will be at Emory University, is closed at this time because of the number of applicants.


There are no more applications available for the 2023 Summer Diplomacy and Leadership Institute.  Please check back in the Winter for information about 2024.

Tentative Topics and Objectives for the Workshop
(Please note that not all topics/objectives will be covered each week.  More information will be available later.)

 Leadership Topics:                                                                                

* Good communication & civil discourse      * Introduction to ethics

* Non-violence & conflict resolution

* Servant leadership

* Promoting unity & community building

* Importance of a free media

* Discerning bias / fake news in the media

* Service organizations & nonprofits

* Media as a tool for social change

* Interfaith dialogue

* Service projects

        Diplomacy Topics:

* US National Security Council

* World conflicts

* Tools of diplomacy

* Atlanta's & Georgia's Diplomacy

* International diplomacy

* Introduction to international relations

* Peaceful conflict resolution

* US Foreign Service

* Crisis in South Sudan

* USAID and migration in Central America

* Peacebuilding in the Middle East




      Students will: 


  • learn the importance of "servant leadership"

  • gain an appreciation for peacebuilding efforts

  • understand the importance and structure of the US Department of State

  • examine successful efforts at diplomacy

  • develop successful communication skills

  • develop conflict resolution skills

  • apply skills to an international crisis in a US National Security Council simulation

  • increase their knowledge of world affairs

  • appreciate the importance of freedom of the media

  • develop literary competency

  • understand the importance of ethics in leadership

  • examine possibilities for service projects

                            Admission to the 2023 Summer Diplomacy & Leadership Institute


The 2023 Institute will be free to all high school students in the graduating classes of 2024 or 2025 who are accepted, but students must have internet and computer access, since the first week of the workshop is virtual using Zoom.  The Institute reserves the right to cancel parts or all of the workshop if circumstances warrant.  Participants are expected to be on best behavior at all times.  All participants and their guardians will be asked to sign a liability waiver/permission sheet which spells out rules of conduct.  The workshops will be non-partisan, inclusive, and respectful of different cultures and religions.  Due to the large number of expected applicants, it is possible that not all students will be accepted. 


Option 1 for Metro Atlanta students:  Students who are accepted must commit to attend both week-long workshops (June 12-16 and June 19-23) to be considered part of the 8th Cohort. 


Option 2:  Eligible students outside the metro Atlanta area are allowed and encouraged to apply for the first week-long workshop (June 12-16) which will be virtual.  Students who are accepted will not be part of the 8th Cohort but will be allowed to participate fully in the virtual workshop and receive a Certificate of Participation upon successful completion of that week.

If you are interested in either the virtual workshop or the complete Institute, click on the red link below and complete the application request form.  We will then send you the application.  

                                                                       (Don't forget to hit "Submit"!) 


This option is closed.

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